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Because at Fly High English Club we have big plans and great ideas, we are always on the lookout for talented and passionate trainers, both for English and for German.

If you are looking for a joyful yet professional workplace, with a friendly team and a keen eye on innovation in education, where children and teens are loved and valued, send us your best CV ever in English alongside an application letter telling us what your English level is and why you want to teach English to children, at

You will be constantly trained and always supported by your colleagues.


About Fly High:

Having a seven-year experience in teaching English, Fly High has offered to more than 400 students the opportunity to learn English in an innovative way. With a vision based on the rounded education of our students and an international renowned experience, Fly High is the only partner of the British Council in Bucharest for the BritTEEN conversation club. Since 2016, Fly High is the Romanian partner of Brooke House College in UK and it is part of the European Network for Early Language Learning. Fly High is also a Cambridge preparation and examination centre.



What others say about working at Fly High:


“Heading into my experience at Fly High, I had little experience in regards to teaching the English language. However, a welcoming staff and classes of curious and joyful students made my time easy going. I truly believe I learned more than I taught at Fly High. The school provided an environment where I felt like I belonged and could both invest and be invested in despite the fact I was only there for a few months. As an international student, I was able to make connections from all over the world and see different aspects of the world through Fly High. I would not trade the experience for anything.”

Neeley Moore,

English student at University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Arts and Culture Editor at The Daily Beacon


My experience at Fly High school was the most special experience I have ever had, I have learned to be more patient with kids. I've noticed that at Fly High school there is always creativity; kids could enlarge their sphere of knowledge with smart and funny methods. I have never felt that I was a stranger, I was surrounded by "my second family" in Romania. The last day we were surprised by a "Mini party" to thank us for our contribution at the summer program. I am especially grateful to the summer headmaster , Anisa and to all the team . It was a pleasure for me to work with such dedicated and talented people.

Molka Chenoufi – 5th year Student, Faculté de médecine de Tunis